The journey of building an interior style for a living space is a journey with many turns, in addition to express the aesthetic style, the language of the interior in the space also affects your daily behaviorsand thoughts unconsciously. On that journey, Minimalism and Contemporary can be an ideal stopover, especially when it’s blended with art concrete - a formula thatpositively affects people’s mood and emotions in space.

Have we minimalized it in the true sense?

Minimalism in interior is a practical way to nourish the soul, the efforts to minimalize all the patterns on familiar items or tables and chairs in terms of basic use is a good practice, but hasn’t enough yet!

Applying the minimalist trend into interior design – Ráp Concept

Living space is a combination of lines, colors and adequate ratios. In terms of design, if ignoring these stated key elements, interior is just simple a placing of furnitures instead of minimalism. Throughout Rap's concrete furnitures are:

  • Neutrality, stability under distinct concrete color
  • Subtle cozy feeling with warm gray concrete instead of cold gray

  • Stability and nature-friendlyfrom the sensibility of the material surface

  • The designs considerately developed following the “golden ratio” and anthropometrics of Ráp Concept

Humanity Design Philosophy – Ráp Concept

Touch tothe emotional depth with the shapes applied in interior

Living space is a way for architects to tell the stories which reflect the sophistication of the owners’s lifestyle, and also a means for the people living inside to experience their life. The connection between the beauty of the shape and the sense of the space structure will bring to more exposed lifestyles.

The squares & axial symmetries can intentionally drive to a sense of certainty, stability and peace

Or the softness, the feeling of movement when using the circular block

There still have many other block languages, but they all have in common of the compaction and the solidity of concrete. Resonating with the sensibility of a handmade-treated surface instead of grinding or imitation painting, it’s to respect the original nature of the material and to enhancethe authenticity as well.

Key determinant to drive concrete furniture reaching the contemporary threshold

When having significant changes of thecontemporary architecture and interior trends from 1970 to thepresent, they are most prominent with:

  • Eco-trend and eco-friendly

  • Green architecture trends

  • New trends with non-traditional materials

Ráp Concept and its designers did not stand aside of these trends, we almost apply the featuresconstituting this trend for our concept. The most remarkable applicability is to apply the concrete material into the interior - a non-traditional material in the industry, combined with a mix of plant fibers (coconut & jute) in replacing with the constructing steel rod as a reinforcement. With a completely manual method and “no” saying with chemicals, the furnituresat Ráp Concept has a very high friendly-value, especially inthe EU market when exporting to partners in this region.

Plant fiber art concrete solution – Ráp Concept 

Why concrete - a low-cost material among the materials?

When you do everything so perfectly and in the same way, there is no style at all!

Combining the seemingly impossible factors into familiar forms is how ourmankind has created so many schools and trends over the centuries.

We are so familiar in judging the value of materials by cost rather than itsperformance normally- the key factor in the space sensibilityand it would be a pity if ignoring concrete - a rich-sensibility material, especially when it is enhanced by the manual process in Vietnam and by the Vietnamese