The beauty of elegant, minimalistic and delicate

Concrete coffee table- a breath for modern interior space

1. Why is concrete coffee table the top choice?

Coffee tables made from concrete are unique, sophisticated and highly aesthetically pleasing products because those are result of designers who are passionate about creating the aesthetic value for living space. The interior products are designed with minimalistic style, harmonious and gentle colors and still retain the surface feel of pure concrete, thereby bringing modern, coarse and beautiful products.

In addition, the factor of manufacture plays a key role in the creation of the product, all of Rap's coffee tables are handcrafted from the skillful hands of seasoned craftsmen. Although concrete is a familiar material in construction, it is a relatively new material for interior production, the inner core of the product is made from plant- fiber such as jute, coconut fiber or fiberglass in order to reinforce concrete and replace iron or steel (often used in construction) as well as reduce its weight.

There are multiple ways of use of concrete coffee tables: decoration in the living room, balcony or it can be used as a coffee table, dining table or maybe a book table.

Because of these outstanding factors above, concrete coffee tables are being chosen as the top products to adorn the living space, it is not merely interior products, concrete coffee tables of Ráp also brings emotions to someone loves art and beauty.

2. 3 Models of concrete coffee tables are the most popular in 2020


1. Bilbao coffee table

Designed with a hemispherical shape, special material and gray color of the table exuding orderly and neatly, the table from monolithic concrete will be the perfect piece for the space of your room.

2. Baobap coffee table

Similarly, Baobap with a minimalistic and modern direction, Baobap is designed with addition ash/ oak wood on the surface. The harmonious contrast between the cold tone of concrete and the warmth of the wood promises to be a unique feature in the interior of your home.

3. Moonlight coffee table.

Moonlight table design is inspired by the moon, the roundness of the table next to the sturdy iron box makes the space more attractive, and brings a sense of elegant for the room. In addition, it is designed with a large diameter for enough room to display the necessary items for tea break, a height that fits with Asian people, even though it’s a new design, Moonlight promises to satisfy even the most demanding customer.